Bet Ardidas Will Be Real Mad Now

So this is what happiness feels like? This is that “following your dreams and pursuing your goals” stuff ya’ll always talk about?

Today, for the first time in my life — I’m sitting in one of two bathrooms in the location of my first empowerment seminar (which I’m hosting), and all I can hear is Sza music playing in the background, women laughing, having a good time, and every 5 or so minutes people waiting in line for the other bathroom saying “I think Stacey is hiding in there.” I smile. I’m sitting on a bench in front of a mirror that’s set up on the wall and I can’t stop smiling. My pupils are dilated, my hands are sweaty and I have this feeling over my heart that I am exactly where I am meant to be. Every inch of my body is ready, I have prepared for this specific moment my whole life.

My good friend Jenny knocks on the door and says “alright — we’re about to get started.” Suddenly she goes and everyone quiets down. I hear her give her intro speech — something along the lines of “she’s poured her heart into this” and she ain’t lying.

Everyone starts clapping and that’s my cue to come out.

When I enter front stage there is 100 eyes looking back at me. A room full of women who are gathered here to hear me speak. To hear me share my story. To heal their wounds.

I think some people have some sort of belief that after you hit a certain amount of followers, you get used to the attention you get or that you somehow would take for granted these sorts of things, but let me tell you something — though there is over 88 thousand people following me on Instagram — the fact that the room we were standing in had 50 people who were there for me was shocking, humbling and heart filling to say the least.

We live in a world where people have a hard time when others are succeeding at a faster rate than they are. People who I thought were my friends and in my corner have changed their behavior and turned their back to say things they’re too afraid to say directly to my face. In a world of social media when people so freely throw insults and disregard the emotions of the people behind the screen — I am happy and proud at the fact that today 50 women came together in unison to support one woman chasing her dreams.

To those of you who were there — I could not thank you enough. Sharing my stories, hearing the things that bring tears to your eyes, drinking mimosas with you, laughing, sharing a piece of my heart. I went into today’s seminar sure that someone’s life would be changed. I never thought it would be mine. Today you all showed me that if you put your heart out there and you fight for what you believe in and want, the Universe has a perfect way of showing you all the things you’re capable of and how much you’re really willing to push and work for that. I promise to keep being all that I am. Loud, unapologetic, strong, soft hearted me. Because as long as there is other women who feel like me and you all support me in my ways, I know I’m doing the things that are meant to be in order to get to where I want to go.

Today we opened a chain of events that will effortlessly unfold themselves to bring us all the success, love and happiness we deserve. Today was happiness. Perfect, loving, heart warming happiness. And if this is what chasing life is like, I promise I’m gonna do a whole lot more of it. And I encourage you all to do it too.

Thank you for changing my life, thank you all who read my blog and support me, thank you to those whose heart hurt with jealousy when my name comes out of someone’s mouth, thank you for sparking a brighter fire inside my heart. Life moves on wether we move with it or not. If you’re reading this and you think I was lucky or that I was always in this position — let me tell you — I was not. Life will give you lemons, and you better make lemon cake. Lemonade ain’t sufficient anymore.


This is just the beginning, WE JUST GETTING STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!


Xxxxxoooooo. Las amo.


#TeamStaceyD hooooooooooooo (lol like in a loving way, duh)

One Reply to “Bet Ardidas Will Be Real Mad Now”

  1. Congrats on your success!! I wanted to attend but I had a wedding that weekend 😦 I’ll be on the lookout for the next event and I will definitely make it to that. Mainly because I want to meet you lol I love that you’re a go getter! It’s so sexy and admirable in a woman. Keep striving! Just keep swimming just keep swimming lol


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