Let’s write this down as the second out of the many many things I have learned on my dick cleanse. Today we’re going to be talking about a topic that I feel a lot of people stay away from because it’s a sensitive and uncomfortable topic and even someone like myself who seems to have it all together is still learning every single day.


Have you ever met somebody and you thought to yourself — “well it seems like he likes me and we’re compatible and he couldn’t stop staring at me and I think this will eventually go somewhere”  and such thoughts only to be met with the huge disappointment of not even really clicking. You know what I mean like you thought for sure this person liked you and that you were confident enough to think that why wouldn’t he like me? I mean, I’m poppin, I got it going on, I’m cute and then BAM! Right in the confidence!

Dear boys and girls reading this — I may be the only person in the world who feels this way — or at least the only one who will admit it. But because of my confidence I am learning to not be shocked at the fact that sometimes people just don’t like me. And I don’t mean like me like in a friends way because I’m 100% OK with that kind of “not” liking. I mean if somebody don’t like me because they were hating that’s fine by me. That’s 100% up to them and I’m OK with that. But when someone I find attractive doesn’t like me enough to further look into me as a person that they’re interested in dating — oh hell nahhh! What connection is missing in my brain that I understand that it is someone else’s problem if they don’t like me as a friend, but it’s not clicking if they don’t like me as a partner?

Don’t get me wrong I’ve taken my fair share of L’s before but every time that I am met with somebody who curves me I am so appalled at the fact that they didn’t see something more in me. And now don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to sound cocky or come off as arrogant and half the time I don’t even really like these people or even see true potential as a partner with them, but there’s something about being rejected that I think stings all of us right in the feels!

As I continue to be on a strict dick free environment through January and some of February I am learning that it is OK for everyone that I find attractive to not be romantically interested in me. I am learning that it is OK that not everybody wants to get to know me on a deeper level and that not everybody will even find me attractive to begin with. Some people might think I’m not attractive, some people might even think the way I look and the way I carry myself is too much, or it’s vulgar, or it’s arrogant, or maybe even disgusting. And I have to be OK with the fact that sometimes I am not going to be everything somebody wants even if I don’t want them at all. I have to let go of my ego and of that part of me that tells me that if somebody doesn’t want me I am not good enough. The validation I seek in all the people that I find attractive means nothing if I don’t truly believe that I am worthy of true genuine love and affection. Because as long as I am looking for validation and others I will never truly feel satisfied in who I am as a person. Because the reality of it all is I can be the definition of perfection to one person and still be just another regular looking ass girl to the next.


I am still learning to let go of my ego and letting go of any part of me that looks for validation in random strangers who I happen to find attractive. Here’s to allowing myself the freedom of owning my motherfucking self and letting the world know that I do not need to feel loved or cared for by anybody else other than my motherfucking self.

If you’re like me and you think you’re a bad ass bitch that everybody should want — you’re right. Everybody should want you but the truth of the matter is not everybody will. Because life isn’t about what should and shouldn’t be — life is what it is and the only thing you have to hold onto is that as long as you want yourself and you know you’re that bitch — it doesn’t matter who does or does not want you. Period.

So forget about the dude who didn’t hit you back, forget about the dude who didn’t make you feel good enough, and forget about any other person that makes you feel like you need to be anything other than yourself to receive the kind of love you’re looking for.

It’s 2018 baby girl, this year we’re loving ourselves.

With all of my love and affection, to every single one of you — I motherfucking love y’all. And I cannot wait to motherfucking hug you and love on every single one of you at my seminar. If you don’t know — now you know. Go sign up. Link is on my IG bio!


Stacey mothafuckin D💕

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