OMG She’s SO Fake

You guys! I’m just going to come right out and say it. I love being hot. I love being sexy, attractive, good looking, etc. But, if you knew me 4-5 years ago, you know I didn’t always consider myself “this hot”. I mean sure, I was cute and had a little sum sum going for me but what has changed in the last 4-5 years you ask? Well I’ll tell you…

Beauty enhancement procedures…AKA plastic surgery.

Now, before you continuing reading here’s somethings you have to know:

  1. Yes, I know I’m already beautiful.
  2. Yes, I know there’s nothing wrong with my (insert body part here).
  3. Yes, I know it’s dangerous.
  4. Yes, I know men “like natural girls” better.
  5. No, your opinion doesn’t matter.

Here’s a little PSA: if you are anti plastic surgery you can now stop reading and save yourself the rant. I am blindly open and vulnerable when it comes to writing my blogs so please understand these are my life choices and I am here to shine a positive light on plastic surgery for the readers who might be interested. If it ain’t you — move along sis.

Anyway, like I was saying — I love plastic surgery. I love the confidence it brings out of people and I love that people have the power to change anything they might not feel confident about.

Of course with everything people love and enjoy always comes a backlash because I swear people can never let others be happy and they always got some shit to say. But, do not worry my fellow plastic surgery lovers, I am here to tell you this: It’s ok to not love certain parts of your body and want to change them for the better, it’s ok if not everyone agrees with you, it’s ok if people call you fake. Here’s a secret no one wants you to know: the “natural” girls who stay hating about how ugly we are will stayyyyyy checking on their man’s Instagram making sure our name don’t pop up in their likes. Haaaay boo!

Lol…anyway, let me not throw any more shade and talk the talk.

So personally I have my boobs and lips done. I get botox, have hair and lash extensions, wear acrylic nails more often than not and you will catch me getting into a tanning booth before every summer. Looking half decent when I wake up is a full time job. I have always been so open and honest about everything I’ve gotten done because to me, there is no point in hiding it and making other girls feel ugly just because they weren’t blessed with everything I got. Lol. Guess what girl? I wasn’t either, don’t trip. I have always hated the fake (lol) martyrs on social media who stay saying shit like “you’re beautiful no matter what” or “glam is so overrated because who ever has time to look good all the time?” I do. I do, sis. Personally I like to get up extra early and take a whole damn 20 minutes putting my eyebrows on before I even have breakfast. I mean, it’s not for everyone and some girls look beautiful with nothing on but unfortunately that is not me and I’ve learned to live with it. You wanna leave your house looking like Shrek? Go ahead, sis.

As many of you know I’m Mexican and in our culture I never once saw my mother or any of my tias leave their room in the morning without putting their face on first. Walking around all chancluda y despeinada isn’t a latina thing. Of course I can’t speak for all latin cultures but have you ever seen a Mexican novela? Us Mexican women don’t fuck around. So, yes hunty — for the natural hating girls, getting up extra early in the morning might be impossible, spending $500 on lip injections might sound ridiculous and spending 6k on a boob job might not be your thing but guess what? It’s ours so step aside and enjoy your acne scars and bags under your eyes, girl. *Wins over your whole life in Spanish* Lol.

Woooo! I kept that one in for a while.

Look you guys, one of my life’s greatest mottos has been this: FOREVER DO WHOEVER DO WHATEVER. AKA, let people do whatever the hell they want. You want to look like Blac Chyna? Go ahead. You want to walk around with no make up on? No one will bat a lash. But, you want to talk shit because I wear make up to the gym? Now we got a problem.

When it comes to dudes, I will keep it simple. Dudes: your opinion on this subject is irrelevant. Unless you’re 100% supportive or you’re going to sponsor my procedure, you don’t get a say in the matter. NONE. I remember one time the dude I was in love with and I hung out and he hadn’t seen me since I had gotten my lips done and he said “babe, did you get your lips done?” when I said yes, he said “don’t do it anymore I liked your old lips better” to which I said “boy, these fillers will last me longer than you will and they only last 3-6 months.”  Lmao I’m honestly surprised he even noticed because I bet you guys that before reading this blog 99% of you probably didn’t even know half the stuff I’ve done to myself. So go on praising “natural girls” on Instagram who all just have very subtle, minimal procedures done. Lol. Ya’ll wouldn’t know a fake ass if you were rubbing on it.


With this I finish my very short and serious rant. This one goes out to my girls who have been thinking about getting stuff done but are afraid that people will think you’re fake. Pfttt…I’ve been called worse before. Lol and besides here’s another of my life’s mottos:

Fake tan, fake lips, fake hair, fake nails, fake tits, fake EVERYTHING — still more real than all the other bishes out there.

Don’t let anybody make you feel bad for anything you want to do with your body. Your body is your choice and only you get to decide what to do with it. As always my DM is always open with questions on these matters and any before/after pics — please come through! I love seeing you all working on bettering yourselves. In and out.


Run tell that, girl.
And don’t forget to tell’em.

Stacey D., taught me.

3 Replies to “OMG She’s SO Fake”

  1. It’s funny because what I love about you is your realness! It’s my first time at a Stacey D lesson, but I must say…. girl, I’m in love! I’m not a “plastic surgery lover” or a “natural girls are better” type of girl. Just a real girl, lovin your real girl style. (And when I say real I’m not talking about body parts lol) I stumbled upon you and your blog and so glad I did! Teach me Stacey D! Teach me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl, I got my nose done at 16 lol. I was so scared kids in my school would call me fake because I was so young that I told everyone it was for actual health problems.

    Now at 23 I’m gonna be getting my boobs done too and I literally tell everyone that compliments my face that it better be beautiful cause it was worth a lot of $$$$ you know.

    Anyway, plastic surgery is awesome and has also helped me sooooo much with my confidence level.

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